Membership Application

Any person wishing to become members of the Society must complete an application form, than can be downloaded using the link below.  Once completed it should be lodged with the Secretary, J.W.Whitham using the following e-mail link:

Download the application form here.

Vacancies should be known at the end of November when subscriptions are due for existing members. The committee consider any such vacancies for the following year at their December meeting. Prospective members for the following season could then invited to meet with members of the committee. Following the meeting membership may be offered.

Persons who are not considered are asked periodically to confirm their interest in joining the Society.

Membership of the Society is strictly limited, however, a number of vacancies are sometimes available. For details and further information please contact the Secretary.

We are conscious of the lack of opportunities to encourage and "train" youngsters so there is provision for the sons, daughters and grandchildren of members to be junior members of the Society. Although there are some restrictions on these memberships, mainly linked to safety of the youngster, but there are advantages when the youngster attains the age of 18 – providing an opportunity to be an Associate member up to the age of 21.