Welcome to the Mid Ribble Angling Society

The Mid-Ribble Angling Society has enjoyed continued support both locally and further afield over the years. The basic aim of the Society is to secure, for its members, the best possible fishing within the means available. Membership is limited to 80 at present, male and female, many having over 15 years membership. We also cater for junior members through our junior membership scheme.

JumblesThe Society controls over six miles of salmon, sea trout and brown trout fishing on the rivers Ribble and its major tributaries the Hodder and Calder. Full details are provided in the Waters Booklet included on the website. Members also have access, through a concessionary arrangement, to Stocks Reservoir. 

It is widely accepted that the best salmon fishing on the Ribble system is to be found below the confluence of the Hodder and the Ribble (Hodder Foot). The best Sea Trout fishing is to be found on the Hodder, especially during a season with high rainfall. The Calder is an improving migratory fishery in its own right.

Big RibbleThe Society offers a diverse selection of water from the smaller Hodder to the much bigger Ribble. Downstream of Calder Foot, the system becomes known as "Big Ribble". There are many named pools which yield good numbers of Salmon and Sea Trout. All of the Society's waters are easily accessible from the whole of the North West and car parks are situated within a short walking distance of the river bank.

The waters are stocked annually with brown trout.  Grayling are also present, they provide additional sport for some members, especially during the winter months.